My Cayman Condos

MKYC Cayman Islands first ever digital currency with a real world application of trading tokens for nightly stays in the most luxurious, efficient, safe, and economically minded vacation rentals.

Token Holders

Tokens Distributed


ICO Progress

Real Digital Currency Value

Each Token will have the ability to be used by guests to stay in one of our many luxurios condos or simply hold on to for a long term investment. The more the token increases in value, the less tokens are required for each night’s stay.


Token Protection

Your tokens will be kept in an encrypted wallet that we will assit you in setting up. All wallets provide a two-stage authentication, which significantly reduces the ability for others to access your digital assets without your concent.

Local Investment Opportunity

With the token market being kept centralized in the Cayman Islands, there will be an opportunity for everyone to invest with low minimums of $1.00, no investor fees, or restrictions of your credit history.

Phase 1

ICO will raise capital funds

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will raise all of the capital needed for project. This will through the sale tokens right here on our web page. These funds will be used to establish:

  • Corporation and Licensing
  • Land Aquisitions
  • Architechural Design
  • Authoritive Approvals
  • Construction Phases
  • Software Implimentation
  • Security Enhancements

How will the project work?

Phase 2

Execution of Project

With transparency being the focus of the new digital asset world, all project tasks will be completed with continuous updates, financial statements, and opportunity for investor inspections. Our Software rollout will create a locally operated digital currency exchange market, that will allow token holders to trade their tokens in real time and provide features such as “advanced orders”. This will allow all of our token holders to join, transfer their tokens, and begin trading based on the rates they decide to buy and sell.

Phase 3

The Grand Opening

As the first set of condos are near to completion, we will be marketing in the US, Canada, and Europe. Our marketing team will actively seek to partner with Major tourism partners, Local and other major airlines, and many other attractive tourism based firms. During this period we will have the exchange market opening for guests to pre-book condos based on $KY dollar values. Any tokens available on the exchange will then be purchased on behalf of the guest or directly by the guest themselves. Token holders can decide to receive currency or retain their account funds to reinvest..

Latest News

MKYC will be AML and CFT compliant

MKYC will be AML and CFT compliant

MKYC will meet Cayman Islands AML Compliance Prevention and Detection of Money Laundering in the Cayman Islands   MKYC will be AML (anti-money laundering) and CFT (countering the financing of terrorism) compliant. What does this mean? All prospective MKYC token...

MKYC Transfer Successful

MKYC Transfer Successful

Token Transferred Success We successfully transferred a small number of tokens from our main holding address to two separate wallets. While this small step may seem insignificant to some, it is critical that we ensure simplicity for our clients, most of which we hope...

ERC 20 Token Created

ERC 20 Token Created

Token implemented ERC20 Token So we did it! We went ahead and created our own ERC20 Token. The token was created by a professional programmer who will be joining our team once the ICO has been completed. TOKEN Name: My Cayman Condos Date: March 17, 2018 Symbol: MKYC...

Reliable Partner

Local and International Partners

Here are a number of partners that have committed to joining us on this journey.

Partner Listing

Soon Come!

Find out more about how to get you tokens.

Most ICOs only offer the ability to obtain tokens by first owning Bitcoin or Etherium. As a locally operated corporation, we can accept cash or cheque for your investment.

Local Presence gives you a sence of security


Same day token transfer shows determination


Assistance available to help you create your crypto wallet.


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