Condo Features

Surrealistic design, My Cayman Condos will be designed with contemporary, luxury living and a level of amenities found in all of today’s modern condominiums , but at much more competitive prices.

All condos will have access to beaches or ocean front views. Beach access may be just across the street in some locations, but you will never need a car to get there.

Additional Features will be revealed as we make progress.


Token Features

Using the Etherium based network, our ERC-20 tokens will be able to make payments in seconds and with the security of the ETH network. If you don’t currently own any of our tokens, we will have a real-time exchange platform that token holders can trade tokens for other cryptocurrencies and FIAT currency.

Token Exchange Platform

As a token holder, you can choose to list your tokens on our exchange platform and follow the market trends as tokens will fluctuate in value through seasons and availablility of various condos.

Purchase Protection

By trading on the exchange platform using the blockchain technology, purchases and sales will be protected from price gouging with multiple token holders creating a fair market.

Innovative security

WIth the blockchain offering one of the most secure networks, risk of security breaches are reduced, identity theft eliminated, and lower insurance premiums for operational cost.
Multi-Currency Support

Pay for your stay

With Other Digital Currencies

When you choose to stay at any of our condos, we will accept other digital currencies as payments as well, trading them for MKYC tokens on our exchange market.

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