Our Road Map

This is the roadmap to achieve our goal of completing 100 condos, have all legal requirements by the local and international standards met, develop a secure and optimal multi-currency exchange platform, create strategic partnerships, launch our multiple customer interface platform, and staff up utilizing the best local resources available by or before January 2020.

Q2 – 2018

Raise funds through ICO in order to fulfill the project requirements. The goal is $150,000,000 USD

Q3 – 2018

Obtain corporation license through the DCI and obtain all legal requirements to operate in the country.

Q4 – 2018

Obtain various properties across the Cayman Islands. Preference will be placed on beach properties.

Q1- Q4 2019

Begin Construction of Condos on various parcels of property with dedicated project management resources

Q4 – 2019

The launch date of the opening of the first rentals, and start the trading of MKYC tokens on the local exchange.

Q3 – 2019

Kick marketing strategy into high gear and start collecting bookings for the upcoming season.

Q2 – 2019

Complete talent onboarding for various positions.  Conduct open house inspections for investors.

Q1- 2019

Begin the implementation of the currency exchange market, roll out software applications, and enhance security features.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

One of the exciting oportunities is that we will need to hire staff to ensure that the customer’s experience is always the absolute best it can be.

Key team members will be operational managers, accountants, software developers, maintenance staff, and marketing teams.

The selection process will begin in Q2-  2019 so that all team members are on board and inline with the goals of the company, can select their individual teams, and complete training programs and knowledge sharing before the first customer steps onto our condos.


There will be at least two managerial positions that have already been identified.

Indipendent Specialist

Specialist will be needed in areas of programming, marketing, and finance based backgrounds.

Maintenance Teams

From repair technicians, to daily cleaning teams, and other opportunities will be available.

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