Our Financial Strategy

We have told you our WHY, and our HOW.

Now let’s talk about the logic and details and where the funds will be allocated to accomplish this project.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.
Alber Einstein ~

Funding Allocation.

This is how the funds will be allocated. for the project.

  • Corporation and Legal 5% 5%
  • Authoritive Approvals 5% 5%
  • Land Acquisitions 35% 35%
  • Construction Phases 45% 45%
  • Operations & Software 10% 10%

Corporate & Licensing

The Cayman Islands currently have no regulation on cryptocurrencies or ICOs, however, “there are still anti-money laundering regulations and potential issues with Money Service Laws, where a cryptocurrency exchange allows the exchange of digital assets for real ‘fiat’ cash. Therefore any reputable ICO or crypto business in Cayman will need some good advice from local law firms and auditors”.

Licensing and Legal consultancy will ensure that the organization will be legitimate and prepared for regulatory changes that will be coming in the near future. We also understand the reason for regulations surrounding AML and CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism).

Authorative Approvals

The Cayman Islands have practical and meticulous planning requirements, which give clients who invest in property, a peace of mind that your Cayman Condo will be built to the high standards you are accustomed to in North America and Europe.

All buildings need to be inspected and approved at critical stages of construction by the Cayman Islands Building Control Department. Building costs are about 25% more than the United States, as most of the building and construction materials are imported from the United States. All buildings constructed in the Cayman Islands are built to meet Miami-Dade and North Carolina Hurricane Codes

Growing international markets require architectural expertise to meet their infrastructure needs.

Land Acquisitions

The positive outlook that was predicted for 2017 has proven to be accurate and the trend has continued with gusto as the Cayman Islands property market remains strong and active for the first quarter of 2018.

With a growing selection of residential and commercial properties, a solid infrastructure, stable politics and a strong GDP the Cayman Islands can confidently set its self apart as a top real estate investment destination within the Caribbean.


Construction Phases

Construction costs are primarily  $ 150 / sq ft for a practical dwelling, $ 225 for a sophisticated residence with advanced features, and $ 300 + to spoil your imagination.

Our Condos will be built with all necessities to ensure you enjoy a luxurious experience, with security features, climate control, standard entertainment options such as Wi-Fi, backup power, and beach access.

All of our units will be strategically focused on the reason visitors come to our Island, the beach. Kayaks, paddle boards, and other water sports equipment will be readily available.

Construction of the 100 Condos will take approximately one year after all permissions have been aquired and contract agreements are in place.

Operations & Software

Opening day of My Cayman Condos will need a lot of systems to be designed, implemented, tested, and commissioned.  Our local token exchange platform will be a huge compliment to the country, so it will need the highest levels of security and user-friendly.

Website development will need to have all systems integrate into a single interface. Guests will able to book, check in, and pay with no complications, while our token holders’ trade MKYC on the exchange in the background, earning their rewards for investments made during the ICO.


What Our Supporters Have To Say

Diante Scott

I personally think this would be a positive & safe change on the way we use money and I am definitely in support of this.

Kati Jerry

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Sana Sanhi

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