Token implemented

ERC20 Token

So we did it! We went ahead and created our own ERC20 Token. The token was created by a professional programmer who will be joining our team once the ICO has been completed.


TOKEN Name: My Cayman Condos
Date: March 17, 2018
Symbol: MKYC
Contract Verified: Yes!
Contract Address: 0x18B51eB9E68…..

The token creation is the first step in our Road Map. The token was verified on the Etherscan network

Why an ERC20 Token?

Since all tokens implement some basic features in a standard way, this also means that our token will be instantly compatible with the Ethereum wallet and any other client or contract that uses the same standards.

The Details

Here is some basic information about our token.

Total Supply


Current Token Value



Decimal Places

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